Profiles Manager for AutoCAD LT 2000-2011

Our new FreeWare utility LT-Profiles-Manager now offers to create and manage user-dependent and application-dependent profile for AutoCAD LT, with all features known from AutoCAD.

LT-Profiles-Manager does not run inside AutoCAD LT, but as a normal Windows program.

There are all usual functions and options offered to manage profiles, as available in AutoCAD :
  • Set Profile current (as default profile for LT)
  • copy, rename, erase profiles
  • export, import profiles (as *.arg file)

Special features of LT-Profiles-Manager :

  • run LT with selected profile
  • create Desktop Icon for LT with marked profile
  • choose dialog language from popup list
  • "Tips & Tricks" contains notes on how to prepare Desktop Icon to use stored ( *.arg file) profiles (for Administrators !)

Download LT-Profiles-Manager...